RxDx Post-COVID Rehabilitation Clinic

Enabling patients with continuing symptoms to Rebound to Health

Post COVID Syndrome: Long Term Effects of COVID-19

Reports regarding residual effects of COVID 19 continue to circulate.

Patients who have recovered are exhibiting neurological, autoimmune and cardiovascular symptoms that could manifest itself in the forms of strokes, heart attacks, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, cytokine storm, loss of taste and smell, and fatigue. Some of these symptoms may occur and last for weeks after recovery.

Dr Chhavi Mehra, Consultant Internist, explains Post COVID effects in this video

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Around 50% COVID patients who recovered have one or more lingering symptoms. This is also called Post-Covid Syndrome or Long Covid

Chest Pain


Memory issues


Gastrointestinal problems


Mental health conditions

Metabolic disruption (eg. poor control of diabetes)

Rashes on skin

Shortness of breath

Thromboembolic conditions


Muscle pains and weakness

Management of Long Covid requires a holistic-patient care approach. Accordingly, RxDx has set up Post-COVID Rehabilitation Clinic across all