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Precautionary Dose for 18 Plus 


Please note that COVID Vaccination at RxDx for Sunday, April 10 and Monday, April 11 is being postponed to Tuesday, April 12 onwards.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we had to suspend vaccine administration for these two days.

Those planning to walk-in, kindly call (+91 901 409 1111) or WhatsApp (+91 901 996 1402) us before visiting.


We can open COVISHIELD and COVAXIN vials only if 10 beneficiaries have been confirmed for one particular slot. This action will help curb any vaccine wastage.

Request for Precautionary Dose for 60 plus Population Group

TAT Attention!

Response Time to FORMs:
Within 6 hours on best effort basis

If your inquiry is urgent, please call +91 901 409 1111.
You may also reach us through WhatsApp Chat between
8 am – 8 pm at +91 90199 61402 or email us on

Precautionary Dose of COVID Vaccination: FAQ

Who is eligible to receive the precaution dose in India?

All adults above 18 years of age can receive the 3rd dose if they have completed 9 months after the 2nd dose.

What’s the minimum gap between 2-dose schedule and booster dose?

9 months / 39 weeks

Which vaccines are available at RxDx?

Covishield and Covaxin are available at RxDx for 3rd dose administration.

Do you get to choose a different vaccine for your 3rd shot?

No. GOI clarifies that mix-and-match is not allowed as of now. If you have taken COVISHIELD as your 2nd dose, your 3rd shot will be of the same type. If you received COVAXIN, same will be administered as your booster.

How can you get your 3rd dose at RxDx?

If you are eligible, fill the form / whatsApp / call RxDx for your booster or precaution dose. We will call you back with details.

Why should you consider taking the Booster Dose?

Healthcare workers are in regular and often prolonged exposure with patients.
The aged group often have comorbidities, compromised or low immunity.
Hence, these two groups are considered at risk population who need to be protected from the variants of SARS-Cov-2 as early as possible.

Does Booster dose prevent Omicron?

Vaccinations and precautionary doses may not give you 100% prevention against the virus, but th